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Budget Video rents virtually every camera, accessory, and production tool there is. From high definition to underwater to grip and lighting to post production, we have it all. Find all of the latest gear at the best prices. You will be 100% satisfied.
Sales division of Budget Video. Purchase equipment and expendables from manufacturers like Element Technica, Litepanels, Lowell, Magliner, Matthews, Magliner, Marshall, Sandisk, Savage, Tiffen, and more. We are authorized dealers for many products.
We've been renting video production equipment since 1972 and we've always repaired our own camera equipment in-house because we couldn't wait weeks to get a camera back from somewhere else. Have us repair your broken video camera, recorder, and accessories on your budget.
Budget 3D Camera Rentals - High Definition 3D Camera Systems!
Budget Video Rental Department dedicated to Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras, lens, and accessories
Budget Expendables has video tape, memory cards, seamless backgrounds, gaffer's tape, and other consumables for your production.
Budget Grip and Lighting is the sister site to Budget Video Rentals, focusing only on grip and lighting. Find Matthews dollies, Losmandy jibs, dolly track, Kino Flo, Litepanels, Dedo Light, magliners, generators, ladders, and much more.
Budget Video Rentals Multi-Camera Division has a wide variety of high definition (and even standard definition) camera packages that are set up for multi-camera operations - either switched, iso, or both.
Need to shoot video at night, in low light, or in total darkness? Budget Night Video has high definition infrared video cameras, Sony NightShot cameras, Litepanels infrared lights, night vision lens adapters, and accessories.
Rent BIG Plasma and LCD Screens, Projection Screens, Stands, Speakers, and more. Budget Plasma Rentals offers a complete PLASMA/LCD/PROJECTION division with screens of any size and optional tech installation and operation services.
Rent the amazing RED One camera, HD lenses, monitors, rail system, and any accessories necessary for your production. Call us TOLL FREE 800-772-1111 to set up your custom RED Camera production package.
Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro CompactFlash and SDHC memory cards for sale and for rent.
Budget Underwater Rentals has underwater camera systems, marine and splash housings, underwater lighting, underwater sound and communications equipment.
Rent Matthews dolly, Key West dolly, Ladder dolly, Fisher 11 dolly, Skateboard dolly, Spider dolly, Doorway dolly, tripod dollies, dolly track, and more.
* Transfer of VHS, Beta, and film reels to DVD and Blu-Ray
* Digitizing of audio cassettes, reels, and other audio formats
* Professional Videotape Duplication
* Standards Conversion - PAL to NTSC, NTSC to PAL
* DVD and CD Duplication, Replication and Authoring
* All work done on site
Grip Truck Rentals. Compact and set up ready to shoot with portable rolling C-stands, Taco Cart, rolling racks, and extra large TommyGate Lift Gate. Custom lighting and grip packages are available in addition to the long list of included items.
Rentals and sales of Magliner production carts.
A division of Budget Video Rentals specializing in props for film and video production.
Tape Stock After Hours, a division of Budget Video Rentals, will make virtually any quantity of the popular video tape formats, menory cards, terabyte hard drives, etc. available around the clock.
At Video Audio Devices, we are distributors for thousands of products. We are proud to have the best accessories for Red One Cameras, together with a very wide assortment of quality brands in the video production and post production industries.
Budget Video ships cameras and production equipment anywhere in the world. Fedex, UPS, direct airline transportation, counter to counter air shipments, and couriers can put anything in our catalog in your hands... in hours, the same day, or next day.
First class service for all of your auction needs. AuctionSetup will photograph your products, create worthy and presentable ads, and list them on eBay. AuctionSetup also provides shipping anywhere in the world.
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David Haylock, an award-winning film producer, director, cinematographer, and videographer has established a reputation for excellence under pressure and the ability to deliver top quality film, video, and high definition images.


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Budget Video is an authorized Glidecam dealer.
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