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Product Catalog - July 23, 2024

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Scan Converters

Sony DSC-1024HD Digital Scan Converter$249.00
The DSC-1024HD is an anything in anything out kind of box. It allows for VGA, S-VGA, PAL Video, SECAM Video and NTSC Video and analog component inputs. It ca...
Folsom Research 9700XL Scan Converter$349.00
Scan converter with SDI output (100 Khz). The 9700XL connects to any computer or high-resolution imaging source and delivers broadcast-quality video output i...
DECIMATOR MD-QUAD 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Split Multi-Viewer$99.00
DECIMATOR MD-QUAD 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Split Multi-Viewer with SD/HD/3G-SDI & HDMI Outputs Version 3

Standards Converters

Snell & Wilcox CVR-45 Standards converter$749.00
Since its introduction, the compact, cost effective Kudos CVR45 has established itself as the worlds best selling broadcast quality standards converter and h...
Snell & Wilcox Merlin me9900 Standards converter$499.00
Tetra P-165 Model 40 Standards Converter$499.00
4 field interpolation motion adaptive Standards Converter
Capture Card - Convert HDMI to USB 3.0$29.00
The Marshall VAC-11HU3-2 provides a high-quality connection between HDMI video devices and a computer via a high-speed USB 3.0

Media to Video

Elmo EV-400AF Visual Presenter$99.00
Convert overhead projector media to video output. The EV-400AF begins with superior image quality. ELMO utilizes a 1/2" CCD yielding over 450 lines of horizo...
Elmo TRV35H 35mm Slide to Video Converter$49.00
Play a carousel of 35mm slides directly to a video monitor. Includes color corrector, focus, and iris controls, Gen-Lock, S-video, and component RGB output.

Decimator-6 Chanel

Decimator Dmon-6s (Converter)$99.00
1 to 6 channel portable converter (3G'HD'SD-SDI Multi-Viewer with SDI and HDMI outputs

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