Contineo 7D Powered Cage

The Contineo 7D powered cage surrounds your HDLSR camera with a billet aluminum structure that securely holds your camera while providing numerous mounting points for accessories. Additionally the cage provides regulated power to your camera and accessories using an external cine-style battery (not included). The cage is designed to wrap around the camera body as closely as possible and lock into the bottom pin locations of the camera as well as the hotshoe mount on top. This double point clamping essentially makes the cage one with the camera and provides rigidity that will provide easy mounting and focus pulling without the flex that accompanies traditional mounting methods. The powered cage also includes a port for a wired trigger to allow you to start and stop the camera with a remote follow focus or wired trigger button.

- Easily assembled with marked parts and included fasteners.
- Unobstructed access to battery and CF card openings for quick change outs.
- 15mm lightweight wide bracket (sold separately) can be mounted to position mattebox rails at industry standard distance from lens center. NOTE: A bracket or riser plate is necessary for standard mounting on a tripod or base plate.
- Multiple 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 threaded mounting locations on sides, top, and bottom.
- Accessory mounting locations for top/side handles, battery plate, and focus hooks.


$ 69.00/day

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