Chimera Octaplus 5 and Triolet Light

Chimera OctaPlus 5 foot Lightbanks have soft silver interiors, which create a highly efficient and even light spread with rounded highlights. And they're all compatible with continuous source lights up to 1,200 watts.

The Chimera Triolet can use 3 different lamp styles for the utmost in versatility. The Triolet accepts the popular 2-pin lamps up to 650 Watts using the new Chimera designed 2-pin adapter. With Mogul and medium base household bulbs, we recommend not using lamps over 1000 Watts. Mogul lamps fit direct into the fixture and medium base household bulbs use the screw-in adapter (included). The Triolet also comes standard with its own #9890 Quick Release Speed Ring.

The Chimera Triolet emits a broad, omni-directional light that is compatible with Lightbanks, Lanterns, Octabanks, or even without a modifier for a bare-bulb light effect.

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$ 99.00/day

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