Water Wizard Underwater Housing

Synchronize your lighting above, on, and under the water by encasing your Pocket Wizard Plus III Radio Transceiver in the Water Wizard from Aquatica's Technical Lighting Control series. This waterproof housing protects your transceiver from harsh elements, allowing you to safely link and trigger multiple underwater strobes and top-side studio flashes. The Water Wizard features an Ikelite bulkhead connector, which interfaces with your camera housing or lighting units via user-supplied, commercially available sync and extension cords. This setup is compatible with any DSLR housing equipped with Nikonos or Ikelite-type strobe connectors.

This housing has a depth rating of more than 150', but since radio wave signals transmit poorly underwater, the Water Wizard is designed for surface use. When secured in the housing and floating on the surface, the transceiver can transmit or receive signals underwater from connected camera housings or lights over the distance of a 15' sync cord or above water up to 325' within a clear line of sight.

In shallow water, the device can be attached to a tripod or other support using 1/4"-20 threaded mounting holes located at the sides and bottom of the unit. In deeper water, winglet extensions on each side can accommodate Aquatica's optional buoyancy floats to keep the housing vertical on the water's surface, thus improving transmission.

Additionally, the Water Wizard can function as a remote camera trigger. To do this, you'll need Aquatica's optional remote control bulkhead (# 18738) and an internal remote cord compatible with your camera (# 19310 for a Nikon 10-pin remote socket, # 19311 for a Canon 3-pin remote socket), which connects to your camera's remote control terminal. Once this is set up, you'll be able to trigger the camera from a remote location.

Built for durability with stainless steel and PVC plastic parts, the Water Wizard is suitable for use in sports and activities such as outdoor photography, underwater adventure, extreme boating, surf photography, as well as research and industrial applications involving adverse weather or conditions that require lighting to be operated in the field without risk to equipment.

- For Pocket Wizard Plus III Transceiver
- Waterproof Remote Triggering System
- Protect Transceiver from Harsh Elements
- Ikelite Bulkhead Connector Interface
- Surface Use / Waterproof to 150'
- Radio Waves Trigger UW / Top-Side Lights
- Range: 15' UW / 325' Unobstructed Above
- 3 x Tripod Holes
- Optional Buoyancy Floats for Deep Water
- Stainless Steel / PVC Parts

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