Bluefish 2 HD Underwater Housing w/IK-HR1S

The New BLuFISH 2 HD underwater housing for the Toshiba IK-HR1S miniature HD camera, provides a revolutionary High Definition remote head point of view camera system providing a high-performance, multi-format solution in a small package.

Enter the world of underwater with the smallest HD POV cameras on the market today. The BLuFISH 2 HD was designed and manufactured by Air Sea Land Gear, an Emmy-award winning company for POV innovation and design.

Ideal for applications that require a camera on a pole, dangerous locations, extreme environments and for outdoor installations. Quarter-inch taps allow the housing to be mounted to multiple grip arms and devices. The housing can accommodate the Fuji 2.8mm and 4mm C-mount lenses. (Fuji TF2.8DA-8 and TF4DA-8). This solid aluminum housing has been pressure tested to over 100m.

Includes Toshiba IK-HR1S camera, dome and flat port, Fuji 2.8mm and 4mm C-Mount lenses.

PDF, Instruction Manual


$ 799.00/day

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