Sony NEX-FS700UK PAL Super 35 Camcorder w/18-200mm Lens

The Sony NEX-FS700UK Super 35 Camcorder with 18-200mm Lens is a fully professional large-sensor video camera. Hot on the heels of the FS100, this compact, highly modular camera uses a very similar-sized Super 35 CMOS sensor as the FS100. But as a marked improvement over that earlier model's sensor, the FS700 features a native 4K resolution sensor.

Unlike smaller, broadcast-style sensors or the larger "full-frame" sensors of some DSLRs, the NEX-FS700's imaging area matches that of standard Hollywood film cameras, providing complete compatibility with cine-style film lenses (sold separately), as well as the Sony 18 - 200mm lens included with the camera (that's 27 - 300mm in terms of 35mm equivalence). The sensor's large size offers a variety of other advantages, including increased control over depth of field, higher sensitivity in low light, lower image noise, and an exceptional dynamic range.

Product Highlights:
- 4K Exmor Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
- Capture 1920 x 1080/60p Video
- NXCAM Recording Format (AVCHD)
- LCD 3.5" Screen with VF Attachment
- Up to 960 fps Super Slow Motion
- ISO 500 (0 dB) to ISO 16,000 (30 dB)
- Dual XLR, HDMI & 3G/HD-SDI Connectivity

- ONE 64GB SD Card
- ONE SD Card Reader
- THREE BP-U60 Batteries
- ONE Battery Charger

Package Includes:
Camera Body,
Lens Body Cap,
Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens,
Sony 18-200mm Lens Front cover,
Sony 18-200mm Lens Rear cover,
64gb SD Card,
Handle Grip,
Onboard Mic with windscreen,
Mic Holder,
Lens Hood,
Handle Grip,
Noga Arm,
Remote Control,
Audio/Video Cable,
USB 2.0 Cable,
Component Cable,
USB to Mini USB Cable,
Power Supply,
NP-F970 Batteries (3)
Sony Battery Charger,
Travel Case.


Able to shoot full 1080p video in a range of frame rates up to 60p, the FS700 provides the option of recording AVCHD footage onto SD card/MemoryStick or via the FMU (flash memory unit) port, or it can output 4:2:2 video (with embedded timecode) via HDMI 1.4 or 3G/HD-SDI to an external recording unit. Simultaneous recording to both is also possible when instant backup is called for. There's no stinting on audio, either, as the camera includes not only a shotgun microphone with mount/carrying handle, but dual XLR inputs for recording uncompressed, professional-level sound from an external source.

One unique feature for a camcorder of this class is the FS700's ability to record bursts of super-slow motion video at rates up to a whopping 960 fps. (These bursts range from 8 to 16 seconds, depending of the frame rate). Full-resolution recording is possible at up to 240 fps; at 480 and 960 fps, resolution is reduced.

The 3G/HD-SDI port will get expanded capability when a future firmware upgrade is available (not included). This will allow 4K output via the BNC as a data stream, which can be recorded to an optional Sony 4K recorder.

Other included features--such as a 3.5" LCD panel with detachable with viewfinder attachment, super sensitivity, a built-in ND filter and up to 960 fps super slow motion, all help to set this model in a class truly by itself. Not only will it intercut perfectly as a 2nd unit or B camera, it can stand on its own in applications as diverse as indie film, commercials, music promos and education.

- ISO 500 (0 dB) to ISO 16,000 (30 dB) sensitivity
- Cranks from 1 to 960 fps for fast motion to super-slow motion
- Four ND filter levels: clear, 2, 4 & 6 stops
- Four HyperGamma settings (same as F3)
- WorldCam 50/60Hz systems
- Exmor Super 35mm sensor 11.6-megapixles
- Effective pixels (photo): approx. 8,400,000 pixels (16:9) or approx. 7,100,000 pixels (4:3)
- Low aliasing (grossly over sampled HD)
- Runs cool, no grain and no fan noise
- Large buttons and switches with orange backgrounds for easy auto/manual distinction
- Arri Rossette with micro-adjusting (for connecting grips, etc.)
- Face detection
- Auto/manual iris and focus with Sony lenses (lenses sold separately)
- Features dual XLR inputs, a DC input, an FMU port for flash memory unit, SD / MemoryStick card slot, BNC connector and HDMI output
- Removable grip features four easy-to-use buttons including Start/Stop, Photo, 4x/8x expandable focus and push-button auto iris
- Display offers video/film selections for distance (meters/feet), sensitivity (dB gain/ ISO) and shutter (speed/angle)
- BNC connector offers 3G/HD-SDI and a planned future firmware/hardware upgrade will enable 4K data-stream output
- Camera supports 1920 x 1080/60p full HD recording and still image capture

Image Sensor
- 4K Exmor Super 35 CMOS Image Sensor (11.6MP)
Effective Pixels
- HD: 8,400,000 pixels
- Photo: 7,100,000 pixels
Aspect Ratio
- HD: 16:9
- Photo: 16:9 or 3:2
- ISO 500 (0 dB) - ISO 16,000 (30 dB)
ND Filter Switching Mechanism
- Clear
- 1/4 = ND.6 (2 stops)
- 1/16 = ND1.2 (4 stops)
- 1/64 = ND1.8 (6 stops)
Color Temperature
- Auto, One Push AB, Indoor (3200K)
- Outdoor (5800K ± 7 positions)
- Manual WB Temperature (2300 - 15000K, 100K step)
Super Slow Motion
- 120 fps
- 240 fps
- 480 fps
- 960 fps
Signal System
- 50/60Hz (NTSC/PAL)
LCD Monitor
- 3.5" (8.9 cm)
Screen Resolution
- Approx. 921,000 dots (1920 x 480)
- Supplied VF tube for LCD
Recording Media
- Flash Memory Unit (HXR-FMU128)
- MS PRO Duo (Mark2 only)
- SD/SDHC/SDXC (class 4 and higher)
Recording Formats
- PS max 28 Mbps, 1920 x 1080/60p, 50p (16:9)
- FX max 24 Mbps, 1920 x 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, 24p (16:9)
1280 x 720/60p, 50p (16:9)
- FH approx. 17 Mbps (ave), 1920 x 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, 24p (16:9) 1280 x 720/60p, 50p (16:9)
- HQ approx. 9 Mbps (ave), 1440 x 1080/60i, 50i (16:9)
- LP approx. 5 Mbps (ave), 1440 x 1080/60i, 50i (16:9)
- HQ approx. 9 Mbps (ave), 720 x 480/60i, 720 x 576/50i (16:9, 4:3)
Video Recording Format
- MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 AVCHD Ver.2.0 (HD video)
- MPEG-2 PS (SD video)
Audio Recording Format
- Linear PCM 2ch (48 kHz, 16-bit) (in HD)
- Dolby Digital 2ch (48 kHz, 16-bit)
Input/Output Connectors
- 3G HD-SDI Output: BNC connecter x 1
- HDMI Output: HDMI connecter (type A) x 1
- Component Output: mini D terminal x 1
- Video Output: RCA Pin x 1
- Audio Output: RCA Pin x 2
- Headphone Jack: stereo mini jack (3.5 mm) x 1
- USB Port: mini-AB x 1
- Audio Input 1 / Input 2: XLR 3-pin (female) x 2 (LINE/MIC/MIC +48V selectable)
- Remote: stereo mini-mini jack (2.5 mm) x 1
Power Supply
- DC 7.2 V (battery pack)
- DC 7.6 V (AC-DC adapter)
Power Consumption
- 9.6W (60i)
- 8.8W (50i)
Operating Temperature
- 32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage Temperature
- -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
Dimensions (WxHxD)
- 5.7 x 7.0 x 9.3" (145 x 178.5 x 235.5 mm) including protrusions
Weight Body Only: 3.7 lb (1680 g)
Fully Loaded: 6.75 lb (3060 g)


$ 195.00/day

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