Sony A7S vs A7S II and A7R II

March 14, 2016

Sony's A7S Mirrorless camera was a game changing, low light 4K DSLR body that amazed just about everyone. It could shoot 4K video at 25,600 ISO with no grain. With S-Log2 you could expect almost 12 stops of dynamic range. The A7S seemed ahead to be ahead of the pack in terms of a low light DSLR body. What's better about the A7S II and A7R II?

5-axis Image Stabilization
The A7S II and the A7RII both have sensor based image stabilization. The A7S does not. The 4.5-stop effective 5-axis image stabilization system works inside the camera allowing any lens, even adapted lenses, to be stabilized.

42 Megapixels
The A7R II has a 42 megapixel full frame sensor while the A7S and the A7S II both have 12.2 megapixel full frame sensors. While the A7R II can produce still images at an impressive 7952 x 5304 pixels, the sensor doesn't offer much of an advantage for video.

Improved Auto-Focus
The A7S only had a 25 point AF system while the A7S II has 169 points and the A7R II has 399 points. This results in much faster auto-focus.

Internal 4K Recording
The A7S had to record 4K to an external recorder. The A7S II and the A7R II can both record XAVC S 4K: 3840 x 2160 internally as well as to an external recorder through HDMI.

While the A7S and the A7R II both offer a number of video gamma profiles including S-Log2, the A7S II also has S-Log3 for even greater dynamic range.

120 FPS 1080p
The A7S II can record full HD 1080p at 120 fps, utilizing the 100 Mbps XAVC S format contained within an MP4 wrapper with 4:2:0 sampling. The high-speed, 120 fps recording also enables 4x and 5x slow-motion movie recording with the frame rate set to either 30p or 24p.

Gamma Display Assist
The A7S II lets you view images with natural contrast while recording in S-Log gamma setting, converting S-Log2 and S-Log3 into ITU709 (800%) gamma for monitoring images or checking focus while enlarging an image, on the LCD screen or viewfinder.

The A7S II and A7R II can record in both NTSC and PAL frame rates.

White Balance Micro Adjustment
The A7S II and A7R II have many more steps of micro white balance adjustment (57/29) than the A7S (15/15).

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Sony Alpha a7S II Mirrorless 4K Digital Camera
Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless 4K Digital Camera

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