Credit Card Authorization Form


Use our secure online form on to authorize credit card payments. The form is iPhone and mobile device compatible.

> Secure Online Credit Card Form


Please select the format of your choice:
> 2024 CCauthBVR.pdf (Adobe PDF)
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Faxes and photocopies are not accepted

Use your camera / scanner / iPhone to create images of your driver's license, credit card, and other ID.

Important Information about Credit Cards

Budget Video Rentals accepts payments from many sources including credit cards. For anti-fraud reasons we do NOT SAVE credit card information from any transaction to be used again on any future transaction. Each and every credit card transaction is the final use of that credit card number. It is NOT saved in our databases. This keeps the information away from hackers or prying eyes. It also avoids any errors since you, our customer, must agree on a specific figure in writing (on a new authorization submitted online, faxed, emailed, or by using the printed slip in our office).