Some of our Exclusive or Hard to Find Rental Items

February 26, 2024

Because we've been in the television and film production business for over 50 years, we have some rental items that are either exclusive to our site or very hard to find anywhere. While we stay up to date with the latest cameras and equipment, we've found that people still need some of these products so we keep them maintained and available.

If you're looking for something and you can't find it on the web, please call us 24/7. We may have it!

Here are a few items you may not find in any other rental house...

Rent the PS Technik Skater Mini Dolly at Budget Video

PS Technik Skater Mini Dolly

These days everyone likes to use motorized, 3-axis gimbals and while they're amazing, they can be difficult and time consuming to set up. What if you just need a quick tracking shot on a table, floor, or other smooth surface? Here's where the P+S Technik Skater Mini Dolly really shines.

Because the SKATER Mini is so small and lightweight it allows you to move the camera by yourself, giving you direct control over tracking shots in any direction, as well as all sorts of curved moves. You can precisely define any center of rotation at any diameter. It's all your decision: whether you like to orbit around an object in front of the lens or make a curved move into a final product shot... Shots which normally require sophisticated rigging or even motion control can now be executed with no electronics, no batteries and almost no prep time.

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EyeDirect Mark II

If you're doing interviews you may have noticed that people aren't sure whether to look at the camera or at you. It creates a situation where their eyes are shifting back and forth. They naturally want to look at you and you want them to look into the camera. Direct eye contact with the viewer is lost. The EyeDirect device solves this problem.

The EyeDirect is a photographic device that enables direct eye contact from any subject. By employing two mirrors, a 'periscope' is created to draw the subject's attention to what is reflected behind camera. EyeDirect requires no electricity, no batteries, and is very easy to set up. It can also be used with teleprompters.

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Spider Pod, separate tripod and operator risers

Spider Pod Riser

If you're shooting an event with large crowds, then you probably want both you and your camera to be elevated above the crowd. Staging risers are often used as camera platforms. However, as an operator shifts footing, the camera and tripod may shake producing an unstable video image. When multiple shooters are on these shaky staging risers, it gets even worse. The Spider Pod features a separate tripod riser and standing platform eliminating camera shake caused by the camera operator.

The Spider Pod is a simple solution when you don't have room for a camera crane or jib. It can also be moved quickly and easily.

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Canon 55x J55x9 Box Lens

Canon 55x J55x9 Box Lens

This is a very specialized lens used at football games and other sporting events. While the camera may be located up in the stands, you can still get closeup shots of a player's head. If you recognize this lens, then you know what it is. We can rent it with or without a camera and we have semi servo Sony or Ikegami mounts.

Call us to rent this lens.

Roundy Round Doorway Dolly

Roundy Round Doorway Dolly

Need a full featured dolly? This is the one! We are one of the few rental houses with the Matthews Roundy Round dolly. It can run on dolly track as well as on the ground with the standard pneumatic rubber tires. It can hold up to 1100 pounds (500kg) and it has 4-wheel steering which allows it to turn in a 6 foot circle!

The camera operator seat mounts in six different fixed locations and the dolly can be steered from either end. We also have steel dolly track in straight lengths and different radius turns.

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