RTS BTR-800 2 Channel UHF Wireless Intercom

The BTR-800 wireless intercom system has set the standard for all wireless intercom systems world wide. This award winning intercom system offers two channels of full duplex audio and has been enhanced to provide more frequency band options in the ever-changing UHF RF spectrum.

- 470 - 608 MHz, 614 - 740 MHz in 18 MHz TX and RX bands
- 4 user capacity
- Beltpacks use standard alkaline batteries
- Backlit Base Station LCD Allows the user to easily monitor the beltpacks status
- Base Stations are Table or Rackmountable
- Beltpack units contained in a weather and shock resistant die cast magnesium case
- ClearScan Function Automatically finds the best channels on which to operate
- Compatible with Audiocom, RTS, Clear-Com, and Other Wired Intercom Types
- Convenient IEC Power Connector on the Base Station
- Frequency-Agile Base Station & Beltpacks
- Full Duplex (Simultaneous Talk & Listen) Operation
- Relay Contract Closure on the Base when the SA Button is Pressed
- SA (Stage-Announce) Beltpack Control
- TR-825 Features Two Audio Channel Binaural Operation in Either Stereo or Mono Mode
- Two Channels of Intercom Audio
- WTA (Wireless Talk About) Beltpack Control

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