Astroscope Night Vision Adapter for Nikon

The AstroScope 9350-NIKS-3PRO Night Vision Adapter is compatible with Nikon's film and digital SLR cameras. The AstroScope provides your camera with the ability to produce high resolution full-frame images under adverse lighting conditions. The rugged and compact design makes it ideal for demanding applications. Fitted with a high-performance 3rd generation intensifier, the AstroScope significantly enhances your camera's low-light capabilities.

Your high definition camera can now take on a more valuable role in all your security concerns. The AstroScope's ability to capture images in low light that provide facial recognition and vehicle registration identification ensures your ability to execute wide area surveillance and long range detection. You can secure any perimeter, shut down border crossings, and render any 'line in the sand' impenetrable.

Camera and lens rented separately

- 8 to 10 F-stop improvement
- Powered by the camera
- Seamless interface ensures proper camera-lens communications
- Supports event the most sophisticated bayonet objective lenses


$ 399.00/day

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