Zacuto DSLR Z-Finder

Zacuto's Z-Finder optical viewfinder is just the tool you'll need for shooting professional video on the Canon 7D, 5D MkII, the Nikon D90, D300s and other DSLRs with 3" LCD screens. Whether shooting handheld or on a tripod, the Z-Finder turns your camera's LCD into a clear, easy-to-focus viewfinder that lets you see your image in magnified detail even under the brightest sunlight. Just as crucially, the Z-Finder provides that extra degree of handling comfort and point of contact--between the camera and your eye--that adds stability to any handheld video.

Now in Version 2, this Z-Finder replaces the original Velcro attachment with a flat, stick-on frame that attaches around your camera's LCD screen, which the Z-Finder snaps onto (there is also the option of using rubber bands). Along with its sturdy new design, the V2 adds a convenient lanyard hook that lets you keep the Z-Finder around your neck when detached from the camera.

- Optics by Schneider
- 40mm diameter lens for excellent light throughput
- 3x magnification
- Allows DSLR cameras to have correct form factor for video
- Field of view perfectly matches LCD screen size
- -2.0 to +0.4 diopter range
- Weighs only 6 ounces


$ 29.00/day

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