Sony PFD50DLA/2 XDCAM Dual Layer Professional Disc

The Sony PFD-50 is a professional dual layer laser-disk recording medium for the XDCAM series of camcorders. This product supplies 50 gigabytes of storage, superior durability realized through an advanced cartridge design and rotating shutter mechanism. Record up to 4 hours of HD quality video when shooting with MPEG HD420 mode @18 Mbps. It's the perfect acquisition medium for long continuous recordings such as event shooting, sports, entertainment, and court proceedings.

Recording Time:
DVCAM SD, 25 Mbps, single layer - 85 minutes
DVCAM SD, 25 Mbps, dual layer - 185 minutes
MPEG HD420, 18 Mbps, single layer - 122 minutes
MPEG HD420, 18 Mbps, dual layer - 265 minutes

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