Losmandy Flex Trak, 40ft Rubber Track

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Losmandy Flex Trak, 40ft Rubber Track

This amazing seamless dolly track can be configured in straight runs that can suddenly curve in any radius or direction. The basic unit is 40', which will loop to make one 17' run. 2 pieces side by side will create a 40' run. Each section rolls up into a 2' diameter bundle and weighs 40 lbs. creating unprecedented portability for a track rigid enough to support an operator, yet flexible enough to curve into a 90 degree turn with a 2' radius. The key to FlexTrak's success lies in the unique capability of our Spider Dolly's track wheels, which are designed with double articulating arms that create the ability to negotiate sharp radius turns.

It can also work with other dolly systems because the outer diameter of the FlexTrak is the same as that of standard steel track.


$ 39.00/day

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