Director's Viewfinder

Manufactured by Alan Gordon Enterprises, the Mark Vb is the latest version of the Academy Award Winning Mark V and continues to be the choice of Film and Video makers world wide. The Mark Vb has all the features of the Mark V plus new markings on the Aspect Ratio ring, making it easer to read for both film and video use. We also eliminated the 1/2 " video window and replaced it with the current video chip standard of 2/3." Film sizes and video formats are color-coded for quick reading.

12:1 Zoom Ratio Ring: Smooth zooming from wide angle to telephoto. Focal lengths are viewed in windows located on the barrel of the viewfinder. The zoom range for the various formats is as follows:

Zoom Ranges:
- 16mm film: 8.5-100mm
- Super 16 film: 10.5-125mm
- 35mm film: 18-200mm
- 35 Anamorphic film: 35-420mm

- 2/3" video: 8.5-75mm


$ 25.00/day

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