P+S Technik Mini35 Digital Image Converter

The Mini 35 adapter from P S Technik allows you to use 35mm film lenses on JVC GY-HD100U, Panasonic HVX200, Panasonic AG-DVX100/DVX100A/DVX100B, Sony HVR-Z1U/HDR-FX1, PD150/PD170, Canon XL1/XL1S/XL2/XL3 (XL H1) to achieve virtually the same depth of field, focus and angle of view as with a 35mm film camera.

*Price slightly higher without camera or lenses

- Virtually the same depth of field, focus and angle of view as with a 35mm film camera.
- Optimized for 35mm film lenses -- motion and still.
- The Mini35 relay has its own iris to control of the amount of light through the system without affecting depth of field, giving new creative freedom not available on a standard camera setup.
- The 400 Series Mini35 incorporates the following features: ground glass oscillates instead of spinning; quieter operation; simultaneous start/stop of camera and Mini35 unit; easier to maintain.
- Interchangeable mounts available for shooting with Arri PL, Nikon, Panavision, Leica, Zeiss-Contax or Canon EF 35mm lenses.
- Industry standard 15mm lightweight support rods accommodate popular matte boxes, follow focus units and other professional motion picture accessories.
- Easily converted between the Sony, Canon and Panasonic camcorders using the appropriate Camera Adapter with the same 400 Series Mini35 Basic Unit.
- The Canon XL1/Xl1S Camera Adapter is compatible with all versions of the Mini35 Base Unit, as is the Sony Camera Adapter, now upgraded with improved optics.
- To ensure that you achieve the very best image quality, the Panasonic Camera Adapter is compatible only with the 400 Series Mini35 Base Unit.

- Film Crews: Shoot pre-production trial footage and get a true 35mm image without using an expensive film camera.
- Filmmakers: Produce your creative vision on a modest budget using MiniDV and 35mm film lenses instead of expensive film stock for a finished product with virtually the same look and feel.
- Professional Videographers: Reproduce the three-dimensional quality of 35mm film on video and produce better images for TV spots, shorts, presentations, Internet applications feature films.

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$ 99.00/day

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