BarTech Focus Device BFD, DIGITAL Remote Focus

The BFD exceeds the performance of the old standards (Seitz, WRC-4) at a fraction of the price. Its compatibility with existing motors (Heden, ZB/SLD, FMG-6) allows the use of readily available used equipment as well as the new M-One motor. Its modular approach and interchangeable components allow you to start simple and build your way up to a full featured system.

- Features: 900 MHz Data Transmission, 8 Selectable Sub-channels
- Rotary Style Control Module that can lock together to other modules for multichannel operation
- Interchangeable 1 Channel Receiver/Amplifier Modules, each with Remote Camera Run Outputs
- 12-bit Resolution with All 12-bits Always Available (A First!)
- Fast, Simple Lens Calibration
- Control Modules Powered by an Inexpensive 9V Battery (18 hours of operation)
- Direct Potentiometer Input to Receiver/Amp for Servo-type Operation, or Direct Connect Transmitter to Receiver (Hard Wire)
- Automatic Standby Battery Saver Mode & Low Battery Indicator
- Automatic Motor Shut Down to Save Power
(Radio Focus)


$ 199.00/day

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