Flolight 18in LED Bladelight

FloLight's BladeLight is a Professional Video and Photography Open Faced COB (Chip on Board) LED Light, that outperforms standard Panel LED, and SoftPanel LED Lights with it's Linear LED Form Factor, Incredibly High CRI Rating of 96, Focusable Beam angle from 120 Flood Light to a 20 Spot light, with incredible LUX Output of 13,000 (avg) at 1 meter (Around 3 Feet).

The BladeLight 18" and 36" versions allows the BladeLight to act like a Longer tube fluorescent lighting solution. Placing diffusion on the Barndoors, or Silks in front of the BladeLight create a much stronger Soft Panel LED lighting solution.

Unlike standard Softpanel LED Lighting solutions, the BladeLight is also flexible to offer incredible sharp cuts, by shaping the light with the included barn doors. Standard LED Panels have slotted shadows (Muliple shadows) when you cut the light with their attached Barndoors or Flags. Soft Panel LED's simply cannot have an effective cut, because of the nature of diffused light.

You can control light output with a manual dimmer or through any IOS or Android device via Bluetooth 4.0 control. Dim individual lights or dim by groups. Turn all on/off with a single click. Create preset scenes for recall later for perfectly matched shots.

Features: - Softbox like wrap around light
- iPhone & Android remote control
- Focusable - 3 selectable beam angles 20 - 120 with Included Lens
- Razor Sharp Light Control
- 95+ CRI Rating
- Connect end-end, side-side
- Two slide-in channels for diffusion and filters (Includes LEE's Zircon 810 Diffusion)
- Barndoors cut light razor sharp
- 18" version is 50 Watt (500 Watt Hot Light Equivalent)
- Weight: 5lbs (8lbs with Mount)

Bladelight Beam Angle - Rent a Bladelight at Budget Video


$ 49.00/day

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