Lectrosonics UH400A Plug-on transmitter and 411 receiver

The UH400A is a digital hybrid synthesized UHF plug-on transmitter compatible with all receivers in the 400, 200 and 100 Series product groups. The DSP-base design allows the transmitter to operate in its native Digital Hybrid Wireless mode, or in several alternate modes that are compatible with analog receivers. A unique multi-voltage phantom power feature allows the transmitter to be used with any microphone, including high current condenser types, expanding its usefulness in high-end applications such as motion picture production.

- Digital Hybrid Wireless Technology
- Converts microphones with XLR jacks to wireless
- 5, 15 and 48 volt phantom power
- 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
- 100 mW output power
- Dual envelope input limiter
- Dual bicolor LEDs indicate four different levels for accurate gain adjustment
- DSP based pilot-tone signal
- Isolator protected output stage
- Rugged machined aluminum housing.

- Typically an Electro Voice RE-50 microphone. Other microphones are available upon request.
- Lectrosonics 411 receiver.

Wireless transmitter manual


$ 99.00/day

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