Sharp XG-PH70X 5200 Lumen DLP Projector

The Sharp XG-PH70X is perfect for conference facilities, lecture halls, rental, staging, and house of worship. The projector is not short on features, quality, or performance. With 5200 ANSI lumens brightness, and XGA native resolution, the XG-PH70X is perfect for most applications. With Sharp's advanced DLP Optical Engine, matched with dual 260W high-brightness lamps, the XG-PH70X achieves 5200 ANSI lumens, with excellent contrast and uniformity, delivering bright, clear images in large highly-lit rooms.

The XG-PH70X employs a DLP display device system which outshines the alternatives because, being mirror-based, uses light more efficiently. While other technologies lose a certain amount of light in transit, the microscopic mirrors in this system bring more light from lamp to screen. The hundreds of thousands of mirrors in the DLP Digital Micro-mirror device are spaced less than one micron apart, resulting in a very high fill factor. By minimizing the gaps between pixels in a projected image, DLP projection systems create a seamless digital picture that is sharp at any size without pixelation or a "screen door" effect.

- 5200 ANSI Lumens
- XGA (1024 x 768)
- 1200:1 Contrast Ratio
- Intelligent Dual Lamp System
- RJ-45 LAN Connection
- Power Lens Shift


$ 649.00/day

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