Sony DSR-80 Studio Rec/Play/Edit VTR

- DVCAM and DV format playback
- SDI interface - The SDI (Serial Digital Interface) which conforms to the SMPTE 259M broadcast standard, is supported by the optional DSBK-120 SDI I/O Board for simple connection with SDI equipped devices such as Digital BETACAM VTRs.
- Built-in SMPTE Time Code Generator/Reader A built-in time code generator and reader are in the DSR-80 to offer precise video editing. The time code conforms to the SMPTE standard. Time code written in the sub code is controlled via the RS-422A interface port. Input/output of time code is possible with the optional DSBK-130 Time Code Input/Output Board, with which this deck is equipped.
- Jog audio, digital slow function, high speed search
- Legible Front Panel Display - Large, highly visible display on front panel that shows a variety of information such as audio and video input mode, normal/high speed modes, ClipLink data, and cassette memory status
- Analog inputs and outputs - compatibility with conventional analog equipment, such as Betacam SP, Hi-8, and S-VHS for a smooth and gradual transition to digital systems. For video, composite, component and S-video connections are provided. Four channel or two channel (selectable) inputs and outputs are provided for audio.
- Built-in Time Base Corrector (TBC) - highly stable video signals for all analog outputs. Sync and SC phase adjustment is made from the front panel, while the TBC control is possible with the optional UVR-60 TBC Remote Control Unit or other standard TBC remote.
- SDTI (QSDI) I/O connectors - handles compressed video, as well as sub code data and digital audio signals of the DVCAM recording format in 4 times the speed of real time. The QSDI interface allows degradation-free transfer of both video and audio signals.
- DVCAM component digital recording format
- Dual cassette capability (standard/mini)
- Plays/Records up to 3 hours


$ 225.00/day

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