nanoFlash by Convergent Design

Convergent Design's nanoFlash is the World's Smallest High Quality HD/SD-SDI / HDMI Recorder/Player. It is also the most versatile Recorder/Player in the world in terms of bit-rates, recording options and formats. By adding the nanoFlash, one can meet the 50 Mbps acquisition requirements, for many networks.

The nanoFlash produces extremely Low-Noise Images - Master Quality Modes are Visually Indistinguishable from Uncompressed

Improves the image quality of most cameras as the HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs are before the compression stages. Many cameras only record highly compressed 4:2:0 while outputing 4:2:2 over HD-SDI or HDMI. The nanoFlash uses these high-quality uncompressed 4:2:2 images to produce higher quality recordings.

See Below or click Product Details for a CF Card Capacity Chart

The nanoFlash offers a dramatically better image, free from motion artifacts and other image problems, such as mosquito noise. Typically the nanoFlash offers a better image, even from many high-end cameras.

Wide Range of Bit-Rates
- 4:2:2 Long-GOP from 50 to 180 Mbps Long-GOP
- 4:2:2 I-Frame Only from 100 to 280 Mbps
- 4:2:0 Long-GOP from 18 to 35 Mbps
- SD 5/6/7/8/9 Mbps
- Wide Range of Frame Rates

- Supports HD-SDI, SD-SDI and HDMI inputs
- Works with most any camera with HD/SD-SDI or HDMI outputs
- HD/SD-SDI and HDMI outputs active simultaneously
- Long, Uninterrupted Recording Times

Records in:
- Native Quicktime for Final Cut Pro
- Native MXF for Avid, Sony Vegas, Edius, others
- MPG Format in SD for quick same day creation of DVD's
- MPG Format in HD - Realtime Rendering of Blu-Ray disks
- No Mandatory Transcoding - Drag and Drop Editing

- All Solid-State
- No Moving Parts
- No Fans, No Noise
- Field Proven
- Rugged
- Withstands Extreme Temperatures, High Humidity, High Altitudes, High Vibration, High G-Forces

- Camera Mountable - 0.85 Pounds - 1/4" x 20 Tripod Thread
- Actual Size 4 7/8" high, 3 3/4" wide, 1 3/8" thick

Very Low Power - 5.6 Watts maximum, 0.2 watts standby
Wide Voltage Range - 6.5 to 19.5 Volts DC - Uses most any battery type - International AC Power Supply included

Supports Timecode and Audio embedded in HD/SD-SDI
Supports Audio embedded in HDMI
Supports Analog Audio, 24-Bit/48K, with up to 44 dB of gain via 3.5 mm audio input, compatible with tape-out signals
One Channel balanced audio consumer line level / mic, or
Two Channel unbalanced audio consumer line level / mic
All audio recorded at 24-Bit/48K Uncompressed
Headphone / Consumer line-level outputs

2 CompactFlash card slots - Records seamlessly from one card to the next
The image quality produced by the nanoFlash is exactly the same as the Flash XDR.

NanoFlash Recording Capacity in Minutes:

50 Mbps 100 Mbps 180 Mbps
(1) 16GB CF Card 36 18 10
(1) 32GB CF Card 71 36 20
(2) 32GB CF Cards 142 72 40

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$ 149.00/day

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