Sony AWS-G500HD Anycast HD Live Content Producer

The Sony AWS-G500HD Anycast Station High Definition Live Content Producer is a portable live production switcher. This all-in-one unit comprises a high definition video switcher, an audio mixer, a large LCD display, and a streaming encoder and server. It accepts a variety of inputs from PC's, cameras, VCRs and Hard Disk Drives. It mixes audio and offers ME capabilities. This unit will easily integrate into a studio or location live production operation.

The AWS-G500HD, based on the original AWS-G500 platform, is a simplified configuration for those customers needing HD capability ONLY.

This unit will come configured with the following:
(2) BKAW-590 HDSDI Interface Module.

Each HDSDI Card provides:
(2) HDSDI inputs
(1) HDSDI outputs

Please specify exactly what inputs and outputs you require and we will work on a reconfiguration.

Fully Configurable
The Anycast Station now comes as a fully configurable system without standard interface modules, allowing end users to choose analog or digital, SD and/or HD simply by purchasing the applicable modular BKAW interface cards.

Audio Mixer
6-channel input mixing utilizes 48kHz/24bit processing, real channel faders and a master fader, stereo speakers.

Access Buttons
Pressing an access button calls up the control menus of the associated input to the LCD screen. A variety of video and audio parameter settings can be accomplished.

Mixer Output Controls
Provides controls for all audio output functions including; audio monitor level, talkback on/off, audio dimmer on/off, speaker level and headphone output.

Controls and triggers of streaming video and recording of compatible hard disk drives.

Camera Control
Through the menu, selection camera control is offered for compatible Sony Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. Six memories are offered to store camera position and control settings.

Device Control
Cameras and hard disk drives can be controlled using the jog shuttle wheel and buttons.

Talkback Microphone
Along with the talkback microphone an intercom connector is provided for users with an intercom system.

Source Displays
Thumbnail video of each input source can be displayed; PGM and PVW are highlighted in red and amber.

Streaming Display
Displays the parameters and current server status of the streaming video input.

Switcher Display
Program and Preview are the main video displays along with thumbnails of the inputs, effect and DSK transition durations and the guide for cameras parameters.

Built-in stereo speakers are offered for audio monitoring.

LCD Display
The built-in LCD is a high brightness, 15.4" 1280 x 800 foldable display.

PDF, Product Brochure
PDF, Operating Instructions


$ 495.00/day

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