Nauticam Underwater Housing with RED Epic

- 100% mechanical controls of all camera functions. Including Zoom, Focus, Iris, Shutter Speed,
White Balance, ISO, Slo-Mo, Playback, etc., with access to all internal menus.
- Controls that are ergonomically located for convenience and ease of use.
- Interchangeable dome and flat ports to accommodate a multitude of lenses
- Over 3 hours of battery life.
- Full status read out via Red LCD monitor
- Top or rear mounted video monitors... or use both.
- SDI surface monitoring OPTIONAL
- Adjustable trim weights for balancing different lens and battery configurations

- Nauticam housing with 4" glass dome port
- Canon 16-35mm lens with mechanical zoom and focus control
- Red Epic camera with 5" LCD monitor and side handle
- (2) 512GB RED Mini-Mag
- (3) 3 hour V-mount Brick Batteries and Charger
- (2) half hour red volt side handle batteries and charger
- Pelican Case

Other lens and port options available at additional cost.

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(2) Cyan Filters
(2) Chargers
(1) Sola Pelican Case

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$ 249.00/day

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