Ambient ACC-501 Controller, Clockit Master Clock System

The Ambient Controller is an extremely accurate portable master clock and timecode generator/reader. It can can be used to jam, read, identify, and compare all timecodes. All framerates are supported and the frame rate can be changed without losing time of day, enabling a camera running at 24 frames, and a recorder running at 25 or 30 frames to be jamsynced.

The Controller can also be used to check and calibrate the crystal oscillators of the Ambient range of time code products in the studio or field, giving unsurpassed accuracy. Its internal crystal oscillator can be calibrated from four different external sources: external timecode, another Ambient unit, GPS satellite, or DCF radio clock. Once calibrated, the controller becomes a portable timecode master clock with an accuracy of 0.2 ppm.


$ 79.00/day

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