DV Rig Pro (shoulder brace)

This versatile shock-absorbing support for DV cameras adjusts to accommodate various body types, camera weights, and shooting styles. Fluid tilt and adjustable suspension enable smooth, mobile acquisition. Great for hand-held shooting. (Camera not included)

The abdominal support is a spring-loaded suspension pod that distributes the camera weight while providing shock absorption. The support is constructed from 2 adjustable spring loaded telescopic sections designed to negate camera shakes and bounces. Adjust the horizontal position of your camera to comfortably view the LCD screen.

The suspension pod also allows smooth control over the height of your shot. Easily shoot at the eye level of your subject without uncomfortable bending at the waist. Even shoot over a crowd of people by simply raising your camera. No matter your height you will always get the right level shot. Short pod available as optional part.

Tilt up and down 180 degrees, from ground to directly overhead. The combined control of tilt and height create smooth shooting transitions while moving or standing still. The versatility of the DVRigPro provides the creative ability to frame many shots not possible with other shoulder supports.

* Lightweight, heavy-duty aluminum construction w/ comfortable shoulder pad
* Adjustable suspension pod provides shock absorption and supports the weight of your camcorder up to 7 lbs
* Fluid tilt action and dutch-roll capability provide a wide range of smooth camera moves
* 2 handle grip for comfort and control - attach a VariZoom controller to operate your camera with convenience (Stealth-LX or Rock model preferred)
* Completely adjustable to fit any body type or handheld camera model
* Quick release mechanism (Bogen/Manfrotto 3273/357) for easy camcorder removal and mounting to compatible tripod heads (Bogen/Manfrotto 3274 (316), 3147 (510) and 516 Fluid Heads)
* Reinforced padded belt and holster pouch provide support for the spring pod

And as always: Guaranteed best or your money back!

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$ 79.00/day

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