ARRI Phantom HD Gold Package


*Phantom HD Gold Camera Body
*Sony 2.7" Color LCD Viewfinder
*Laptop computer camera control unit

Phantom HD GOLD is capable of resolutions beyond 2K, with frame rates in excess of 1000 fps at 1080p and 1500 fps in 720p. The camera boasts an excellent dynamic range and a high sensitivity (ISO 640) making it useful even under normal lighting conditions. Unlike with film, and some other digital high-speed cameras that require rendering, you can immediately see the results of your shot. The camera records to an internal RAM memory that can then be downloaded to a laptop computer. Phantom CineMags provide hot-swappable, solid-state recording in 256 and 512 GB models. The Phantom HD GOLD also allows you to "play" the contents of the memory module over single (4:2:2) HD-SDI outputs on the docking station to a recorder, disk array, or other HD-SDI capture device.

- TWO 128GB Cfast Cards
- ONE Cfast Card Reader
- THREE Gold Mount Batteries
- ONE Battery Charger


$ 2500.00/day

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