Sony HVR-A1E PAL HDV Camcorder

Sony HVR-A1E 1/3" Professional HDV Camcorder with 3-Million Pixel CMOS Imager, High Definition HDV, DVCAM and Mini DV Recording Options, Professional Audio Inputs and Time Code. The HVR-A1E is a tiny camera capable of recording in several frame rates including PAL. When it is set up to record standard definition video this camera is a PAL device that stripes the tape at 30 interlace frames per second. When it is selected to record in HDV it can record 50 or 25 frames per second. Its widescreen chip captures over 1000 horizontal lines and 1440 vertical lines no matter what you dial in for record format.

This camera is especially suited for low light and night vision work using one of our infrared camera Lightpanels


$ 299.00/day

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