Sony HVR-Z7U HDV Camcorder

Sony's new HVR-Z7U is the world's first professional handheld HDV camcorder with an interchangeable lens system.
The compact design makes it easy to use and flexible when shooting applications requiring mobility and in space-constrained locations.
- The HVR-Z7U accepts miniDV cassette tapes,which provide over 60 minutes recording time for HDV and DV formats, over 40 minutes for DVCAM format.
- A 3.2-inch type XtraFine LCD is located on the HVR-Z7U in the same position as on the HVR-Z1U. The high pixel number of approximately 921,000 dots is around four times greater than the LCD of the HVR-Z1U, and this higher resolution allows for easier focus adjustments.
- HDV/DVCAM/DV file recording on easily obtained Compact Flash cards.

Recording Times for HDV, DVCAM, DV formats*:
32GB = 144 minutes
16GB = 72 minutes
8GB = 36 minutes
4GB = 18 minutes

*At least 133x speed CF cards are required

An Ideal Handheld Camcorder Design
Sony has responded to professional user feedback to create the ideal handheld camcorder with ergonomically designed body-weight balance and a well-planned layout of buttons and connectors to reduce camera operator fatigue.

HDV in IT Workflow by CompactFlash Recording Unit
The Memory Recording Unit is supplied with each camcorder to support HDV tape recording. It captures the HDV1080i, DVCAM, or DV stream output from the camcorder and records it as movie file while you are simultaneously recording to tape. You can use a standard CompactFlash (CF) card*, which offers secure recording, high-speed access, large data capacity, removable media convenience, and high durability against external vibration.

HDMI output connector
Uncompressed digital HD video and audio signals are output from the HDMI connector. You can see stunning HD images on the HDMI-compatible monitor display. During shooting, the pre-compressed 1920x1080i/4:2:2 signal is output from the HDMI connector.

Two Accessory Shoes
The HVR-Z7U features two accessory shoes. There is a cold shoe on the front that can be removed to make room for a mattebox. While at the rear, there is a screw-hole type shoe located on the handle, which can be changed to a cold shoe, if required, using supplied parts.

infoLITHIUM L Series Battery Compatible
The HVR-Z7U uses the same batteries as the HVR-Z1U, HVR-V1U, and DSR-PD170, so you can fully utilize your existing battery and charger assets.

PDF, Camera Operating Manual


$ 249.00/day

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