Credit Card Authorization Form

Welcome to the secure credit card authorization form.

Budget Video Rentals accepts payments from many sources including credit cards. For anti-fraud reasons we do NOT SAVE credit card information from any transaction to be used again on any future transaction. Each and every credit card transaction is the final use of that credit card number. It is NOT saved in our databases. This keeps the information away from hackers or prying eyes. It also avoids any errors since you, our customer, must agree on a specific figure in writing (on a new authorization submitted online, faxed, emailed, or by using the printed slip in our office).


Before you fill out this form, use your camera phone, digital camera, or scanner to create four images:

- Front and Back of your Credit Card
- Front and Back of your Driver's License

At the end of this form, you'll be able to upload them and send them with your information. This MUST be done to validate your authorization!

NOTICE: Faxes and photocopies are NOT ACCEPTABLE

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Credit Card Bank information helps us protect you against fraud.
This information can usually be found on the back of the card.

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I hereby authorize Budget Video Rentals to charge the above credit card for payment on this order, extensions of this order, and missing or damaged items.

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Upload Images
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- Front and Back of your Credit Card
- Front and Back of your Driver's License