"Panasonic P2 Store Drive"

by Rob Seher, updated 01 Mar 2010 2:18am


How to get your computer to read a Panasonic P2 Store Drive, whether you use Macintosh or Windows

If you are trying to setup a Panasonic P2 Store Drive on a Macintosh or on a Windows computer, you might be headed for some unpleasant surprises.

Panasonic currently doesn't have printed documentation on how to configure your P2 Store Drive be read by your computer. YOU have to manually switch it on the drive for either Windows or Macintosh.

How Do You Do This?
1) With the usb cable hooked up to the computer in sequence press and hold for 5 seconds the following three (3) buttons: HDD CAP button, Cancel button, and Battery remain button.
2) The LED light that is green for the usb will turn orange
3) The unit is now ready for Mac, and vice versa for changing back to PC (Windows).



13 Oct 2006 12:51am

"Thanks a lot! I was playing with that thing for hours. I couldn't find anything in the manual, or on the Panasonic web site. Its amazing that something so simple isn't in the manual."


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