Kessler ElektraDRIVE 500 Motor w/ORACLE Controller

The elektraDRIVE Motor Pod is our interchangeable motor drive system for use with our sliders and other elektraDRIVE line of products.

The 500 Series motor is the suggested Time Lapse (slow) motor for the CineSlider and has the most torque.

Approximate Dynamic Range for continuous movement at the lowest and highest motor speed settings.

Speed Range:
- 3min 53 sec/ft (slowest)
- 3.9 sec/ft (fastest)

ORACLE Controller Supported Features:
- Now includes SmartLapseā„¢ programmable motion control.
- Backlite LCD display with menu and setting values.
- Fully adjustable controls for Max Speed, Dampening, and Dead Band.
- Movement Recording / Memory Function with three memory banks.
- Time Lapse control
- Premium Multi-Function Joystick
- Joystick orientation can be easily set in the menu.
- Cabling is CAT5 / CAT6 cable with RJ45 connectors (standard network cable).
- Powered by standard AC power supply with wall plug, or optional 12v DC adapter and battery pack.


$ 99.00/day

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