Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 II 35mm tilt/shift lens Version 2

This is the brand new version of Canon's 24mm tilt/shift lens. This is a manual focus lens and everyone is saying this is one of Canon's sharpest lenses ever.

For discerning architectural photographers, there is great need for wide angle lenses. Tilt and shift movements, features normally found on large format cameras, can be bestowed upon a smaller format of camera with a lens such as this wide Canon 24mm f/3.5L II TS-E Lens.

Being a Canon "L" lens, by definition it is a premium Canon optic. There is +/-8.5° of tilt and +/-12mm of shift that gives photographers ample ability to correct for perspective when taking images of interior or exterior spaces, and landscapes.

- EF mount lens is compatible with all Canon EOS cameras.
- Wide image circle of 67.2mm is 50% greater than 35mm/full frame film area.
- High precision glass (16 elements/11 groups) for low distortion and high resolution to the edge of the image.
- Tilt and shift mechanism rotates +/-90° allowing shift in any direction.
- Tilt mechanism rotates +/-90° allowing tilt in any direction relative to the shift.
- One Aspherical and three UD lens elements minimize chromatic aberration
- Sub-wavelength structure and super-spectra coatings minimize ghosting and flare.
- Circular aperture for creative, blurred highlights.


$ 69.00/day

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