Kessler K-Pod Tripod Legs

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Kessler K-Pod Tripod Legs

The Kessler K-Pod System is a revolutionary tripod system designed to support camera cranes / jibs. The K-Pod has extremely rigid double strut legs with the patent pending incremental Posi-Lock System, that friction locks the legs, as well as interlocks into incremental lock pockets. The lock pockets allow you to equally position the legs while providing a lock that can not slip down.

The pop-lock spreader system locks the legs in a pre-stressed position to eliminate instability in heavy load conditions, and acts as the frame system for the various dolly configurations.

The K-Pod was designed to be the best tripod system for your camera crane / jib, but it is also an excellent tripod to shoot from, when not using your crane.

The K-Pod comes with standard pad feet, but has multiple foot/wheel options available including dual locking dolly caster wheels, dual locking "all-terrain" wheels, stainless steel spikes, and swiveling track dolly trucks.


- Unrivaled 500 lbs maximum capacity (226 kg)
- Min height: 37" (94 cm)
- Max height: 64" (162 cm)
- Weight: 22lbs (10 kg)

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