Sennheiser MKH-416P shotgun mic with boom

Phantom Powered short shotgun condenser microphone including K-Tek carbon fiber boom, Rycote Softie windscreen. Other Rycotes are available. Please note that the boom pole is free.


$ 49.00/day

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Sennheiser G4 Frequency Agile Wireless Lavalier Package

1x Transmitter
1x Receiver
1x Receiver hotshoe adapter
2x XLR male to 1/8" male
2x 1/8" male to 1/8" male
1x Omni directional ME 2 microphone

"Our Most Popular Wireless Mic"

The Sennheiser EW 112P G4 camera-mount wireless lavalier microphone system features the proven combination of reliability, flexible control, and broadcast-quality sound that has made the EW Series an industry standard for videographers, journalists, and content creators all over the world.

The EW 112P G4 gives you the tools to adapt and meet the wireless challenges that inevitably arise on set. The frequency scan function automatically searches for the cleanest frequency at your location, while the adjustable input sensitivity on the transmitter accommodates mic levels ranging from booming voices to quiet speech, and even line-level audio.

The system includes the improved ME 2-II omnidirectional lavalier mic, a bodypack transmitter, and a camera-mount receiver. It connects to a camcorder or a DSLR/mirrorless camera to capture crisp-sounding speech or dialog for projects ranging from documentaries to wedding videos, corporate spots, and hands-free interviews.

The EW 112P G4 is backward-compatible with previous evolution systems, giving you the ability to mix and match G4/G3/G2/G1 receivers or bodypack, handheld, and plug-on transmitters. It is also compatible with EW 500 systems.

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$ 69.00/day

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