K-Tek Microphone Boompole

The K-TEK is a very lightweight, superbly engineered, and meticulously crafted 5 section boompole made from a graphite fiber derivative in a black matte finish. It is used primarily for film and video field production.

The dimpled graphite section collar locks are highly durable and jam resistant, twist adjusting easily and precisely. The Quick Connect poletop option, featuring stainless steel threading and cable retention slots, is standard with this model, adapting a variety of mounting and wiring solutions.

When in the past we rented a boom pole by itself the sheer number of really bad client production days was more than we could ignore. We tried requiring the client to bring their mic into the office for a "custom fitting." We finally found that giving boom poles effectively free together with a $1000 Sennheiser 416 microphone kept everybody happy and avoided microphones falling on the floor or not fitting into the boom pole. Accordingly we hope you understand that a pole rental on its own is more dangerous than spending a few more dollars and being fully functional from the start of production.

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$ 25.00/day

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