Sony GV-D1000E PAL mini-DV Video Walkman

The GVD-1000E is a compact and portable PAL DV Video Walkman for playing, recording and edit your PAL DV footage. Use mini DV cassettes and Memory Stick images or MPEG videos to put together a visual story. You can edit or playback movies anywhere, any time - even through your PC. Edit your still or moving videos with USB Image Capture and ImageMixer software-- one of Sony's latest digital editing functions. The GVD-1000 makes it easier than ever to edit as a side-by-side companion to your mini DV camcorder. Or you can use the GVD-1000 as a VCR and connect to any television to playback your videos. Incorporates a 4" LCD monitor for clear, crisp color images, with a built in stereo speaker.

- 4" LCD Screen Display (123K Pixels)
- Up to 530 Horizontal Lines of Video Resolution
- Digital Picture Effects
- USB Streaming
- Built-in Memory Stick terminal for still image capture
- i.Link (DV IN/OUT) DV Interface
- S-video In/Output
- Precision Assemble Editing with Optional DSRM-E1 (99 Segment x 4) USB Interface
- Cassette Memory
- MPEG Movie Mode allows you to capture MPEG1 video directly to Memory Stick media
- Analog to Digital conversion with pass through
- 12-Bit/16-Bit PCM Digital Stereo
- SP and LP Record/Playback
- Playback Zoom
- Print Mark
- Crystal Clear Still/Slow Motion Playback
- Drop Frame Time Code
- Index Titler

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