Panasonic DMR-T3040 DVD Recorder

Offering unprecedented versatility for video production systems, the DMR-T3040 teams a DVD-RAM/DVD-R recorder with a built-in 40-Gigabyte hard drive to provide expanded flexibility for viewing, recording and DVD duplication. The large-capacity DMR-T3040 records up to 52 hours (in the EP mode) of video on its 40GB hard disk drive, 12 hours on a 9.4GB double-sided DVD-RAM disc, and 6 hours on a DVD-R disc.The DMR-T3040 is equipped with an IEEE 1394 input to permit the high-speed transfer of digital video from a IEEE 1394-equipped DV camcorder, like the full-size AG-DVC200, to the hard drive, and the unit's PC card slot makes it easy to copy images from a digital still camera. The DMR-T3040 offers a programmable auto renewal recording function that can be programmed to automatically record video, such as a satellite feed, at a specific time daily or weekly onto the hard drive, as well as a relief recording feature that automatically records to the hard drive when a DVD-RAM or DVD-R disc is full.

PDF, Recorder Operating Instructions


$ 99.00/day

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