Kramer 104LN 1x4 Composite Video Line Amplifier

The 104LN is a unique piece of equipment that combines the functions of a distribution amplifier and a line driver. It accepts one composite video input and distributes a signal to four buffered outputs; gain and EQ controls are used to adjust the output level and equalization. The controls are used to compensate for signal losses in such situations as long cable runs. This model offers a differential input for noise elimination.

- The gain control adjusts the level of the overall signal; the EQ control boosts the upper frequencies that are inherently most susceptible to loss.

High Bandwidth
- At 400 MHz the bandwidth of this unit exceeds all standards for passing a composite video signal.

AC or DC Operation
- This unit comes with an AC power supply as standard equipment but, can also be powered from 12 VDC portable supplies for applications where AC power isn't easily accessed.

Differential Input
- The step up feature of this model is the "differential input" offering noise elimination features.

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