Miranda DVC-800 Downconverter

The DVC-800 is the latest in camera-adapted conversion devices from Miranda and was designed to enhance electronic acquisition of material using HD cameras like the SONY HDCAM (DVC-800) or Panasonic Varicam (DVC-820).

The DVC-800/820 provides a unique combination of outputs and
functionality to facilitate monitoring, review and approval, rough cut editing and the preparation of dailies while on set. Designed in cooperation with a number of electronic acquisition pioneers, the DVC-800/820 is the indispensable tool for electronic acquisition.

The SD video signal output allows the use of inexpensive monitors instead of costly high definition monitors. The DVC-800/820 provides a built-in aspect-ratio converter allowing 16:9 images to be displayed on 4:3 monitors. The built-in 4:3 and 16:9 graticule generator allows on-screen display of aspect ratio markers. Also, the OSD (On-Screen Display) unit allows information such as time code and scene numbers to be directly seen on the screen on any down-converted outputs. The DVC-800/820 also does conversion from DV to composite and SD SDI. The DVC-800/820's low power consumption and miniature package make it ideal for on-site applications.

PDF, Downconverter Operation and Installation Guide

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