Lifepower A2 L Power Pack 27,000mAh Backup Battery

Charge your AC- and USB-powered devices with the A2 L Power Pack 27,000mAh Backup Battery from LifePower. The LifePower A2 L power pack sports a typical 3-prong wall outlet along with up to 120W of peak power to run notebooks, film-set lighting, guitar amplifiers, drones, and more. This feature lets you use nearly any device, using the power charger that came with your unit. To simultaneously charge smartphones or tablets, it also comes with a USB Type-A port that delivers up to 3A of current. This backup battery has a large, 27,000mAh (99.9Wh) capacity, which can be recharged in about 3 hours with the included DC-charger. An optional solar panel kit is available for recharging the internal lithium-ion battery while outdoors or during emergencies. In addition, the LifePower A2 L is built with a brushed aluminum chassis to help it survive drops and spills, and there's also a velvet carrying pouch supplied for protecting the exterior surface from scratches.

- Compatible with AC-Powered Devices
- 27,000mAh Battery Capacity
- Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
- USB Type-A Female Charging Port
- Up to 100W Continuous (120W Peak) Power
- Compact Design

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