Pag PAGlink HC-PL94T Time Battery Gold Mount (14.8V, 94Wh)

The capacities of all the units combine to provide a higher current draw and a longer run-time than if the individual units are used consecutively. A single unit supports a 10A draw while two units combine to provide a 12A draw. Multiple units can be attached together when being used and when being charged. They're compatible with PAG and Anton Bauer lithium ion chargers. Up to eight can be linked per channel on select PAG chargers and up to four on Anton Bauer chargers (up to six with the right firmware). They stop charging once topped-off so you can safely leave them on the charger rather than let them self-discharge on the shelf. Combined units form a network and communicate with one another to provide safe and efficient output. For example when two units that have the highest states of charge in the group are linked one to the other they are used as the ones to provide power to the camera while the remaining units in the group wait in stand-by. Combined packs support hot swapping for continuous power supply. The HC-PL94T is also capable of sending capacity data to all supporting cameras. The HC-PL94T features a numeric run-time and capacity display which maintains accuracy by tracking performance and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the aging of the cells. Run-time is expressed in hours and minutes and can be switched to a percentage figure. When linked for use run-time is displayed for the entire pack. When being charged each battery displays its individual status. The display characters can be changed at the press of a button for the character type more legible for you. The battery cells have no memory effect and are completely recyclable. The battery uses a fail-safe electronic system with an electrolyte-resistant coating on its protection circuit. The system features three over-current two over-voltage two under-voltage and three thermal safety shutdown systems including a non-resetting thermal fuse. To support a long working life the battery's front and rear contact assemblies are external to the battery case and can be replaced if damaged. PAGlink batteries are capable of working in temperatures as low as -20? The HC-PL94T is UN tested and is unrestricted in quantity by air transport legislation. You can carry as many with you on board as you can fit in your hand-luggage. The HC-PL94T can only be linked with other The HC-PL94T Gold Mount units

Product Highlights

High Current 14.8V, 94Wh, 6.4Ah Li-Ion
Linkable with Other Units for More Power
10A Draw; 12A When Two Units Combined
Numeric Run-Time and Capacity Display
Display Accuracy Maintenance Feature
No Memory Effect
Fail-Safe Electronic System
Communicates Data to Supporting Cameras
High-Impact, Molded Polycarbonate Case
Unrestricted Hand-Luggage Carry-On

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