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Panasonic AW-HE40SK PTZ Camera with HD-SDI Output

The Panasonic AW-HE40SK PTZ Camera with HD-SDI Output features a 1/2.3" MOS sensor. When connected to the Internet, this IP camera allows you to control PTZ actions and monitor the surveillance area from a remote location via a Web browser. This provides you with several advantages like reduced integration costs, easy remote production and engineering, and lower cost for multiple location systems.

Equipped with a 4.3 to 129mm zoom lens (35mm equivalent is 31.6 to 962mm) with 30x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, and a 1.4x digital extender, this PTZ camera enables you to zoom in on activity in the monitoring area for a closer look. The Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) minimizes blocked shadows and blown highlights. When it gets too dark to record normal footage, this Full HD PTZ camera uses Night Mode to capture clear images in monochrome. The camera supports audio input, allowing you to capture and embed audio within the video signal. It is PoE+ compatible, allowing you to power the unit using only a single LAN cable.

Highly accurate pan-tilt head offers precise, fast, and fluid movement in all directions, enabling the capture of both slow- and fast-moving objects without excessive vibration and bounce

Freeze During Preset function may be enabled to freeze the video during preset playback. The immediately preceding still image is output during preset movements, so that the swiveling movement is not displayed.

Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) for minimizing over exposure in highlights and detail blocking in dark areas. The AW-HE40SK is equipped with High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode. When shooting and synthesizing two images with differing exposure times, the AW-HE40SK can create video with high visibility that corrects for halation and black defects, even under backlit conditions.

Hybrid 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction (Hybrid DNR) allows clear image capture with minimum after images, even in dimly lit areas.

Switching to Night Mode makes shooting possible, even in low-light conditions. The AW-HE40SK can also be set to switch to the mode automatically, depending on surrounding light levels.

The AW-HE40SK also supports audio input, embedding and encoding. The input from the camera's switchable mic/line input can be combined with the HD-SDI, HDMI, and streaming outputs for mixing, recording or transmission.

Pan/tilt speed adjustment from 2 to 4 steps


$ 299.00/day

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Panasonic Remote PTZ Camera Controller

The Panasonic Remote Camera Controller uses serial and IP control to support Panasonic pan/tilt heads, integrated, and box cameras. Simple to set up and operate, the controller offers automatic IP setup and can be configured via your PC.

Using the Remote Camera Controller, you can control 1 camera simultaneously with up to 5 AW-RP50 via IP or serial control. It also allows you to control up to 100 AW-HE50S/H units via an IP connection when using a network hub (switching hub). The Automatic IP Address Setup function automatically assigns IP addresses to the AW-HE50S/H or AW-HS50 units. Camera functions including pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris, gain, pedestal, shutter, white/black balance, and switch scene files can be adjusted remotely via the device. The controller is subcompact at 8.26 x 2.63 x 6.96" (210 x 67 x 177 mm) and weighs 2.4lb (1.1kg). Ergonomically designed, the controller is ideal for use in remote production, educational purposes, and houses of worship use.

Uses serial and IP control to support up to 5 Panasonic pan/tilt heads, integrated, and box cameras.

Simple to set up and operate and offers automatic IP setup
Can be configured via your PC.

Allows you to control up to 100 AW-HE50S/H units via IP connections when using a network hub (switching hub).

Allows you to control 1 remote camera simultaneously by up to 5 AW-RP50 units via IP connection or serial control.

Automatic IP Address Setup function - allows IP addresses to be automatically assigned to the AW-HE50S/H or AW-HS50 units.

Adjustable camera functions - pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris, gain, pedestal, shutter, white/black balance, and switch scene files.


$ 99.00/day

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Sony BRC-H700 Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom HD Camera

The BRC-H700 combines a high quality HD 3CCD camera with a pan/tilt/zoom mechanism, wrapped in a sleek, compact body. Like the BRC-300, the BRC-H700 can also be mounted on the ceiling. The BRC-H700 supports analog RGB, Y/Pb/Pr output as standard and is also equipped with a slot for optional cards responding to diverse needs. With the optional cards, HD-SDI (HDBK-HD1), down converted SKI (HFBK-SD1), computer XGA (HFBK-XG1) and HDV (HFBK-TS1) formats can be used. The BRU-H700 HD optical mutliplex unit with the BRBK-H700 HD optical multiplex card enables the BRC-H700 to transmit uncompressed digital data without deterioration through the CCFC-M100HG HD optical fiber cable. The same RM-BR300 remote control unit for the BRC-300 can be used with BRC-H700; it will simultaneously control up to 7 cameras from a distance.

- High Performance Pan/Tilt/Zoom Mechanism
- Standard and Optional Outputs
- RS-232C and RS-422 Remote Control

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$ 295.00/day

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Sony BRC-300 Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom SD Camera

The Sony remote control camera BRC-300, is a 3-CCD Standard Definition communications camera mounted on a pan and tilt mechanism. The superior quality of the video resulting from the 3-CCDs and the choice between conventional or widescreen video output makes this camera quite advanced. With the refinement in CCD development, it has over 1 million pixels at its disposal. The camera can be mounted upside down, like from a ceiling or right-side-up because it has a image-flip function.

- Standard Definition (SD)
- 3-CCD Quality with Widescreen Option
- Multitude of Control Options
- Wireless Remote Functions
- Optional Component and Digital Video Outputs

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$ 195.00/day

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Sony RM-BR300 Joystick Remote Control Panel

The RMBR300 is an advanced remote control unit for the BRC-300, BRC-H700, EVI-D100, EVI-D70 and EVI-D30 cameras all with using the VISCA control system. A joystick controller gives precision camera moves and focus adjustments. For the BRC-300 up to 6 preset camera and lens positions can be programmed for immediate recall. The other camera models have up to 16 preset positions.

Multi-language Operations Manual


$ 99.00/day

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Sony EVI-D70 1/4" CCD Color Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

The Sony EVI-D70 is a remote controlled Pan/Tilt/Zoom Communication video camera that is compact, easy to use, and is ceiling mountable. Incorporating an 18x optical zoom lens, the camera allows a user to zoom in on a small or distant object with exceptional clarity. The unit comes with a wireless remote controller.

High Speed and Wide Range Pan and Tilt
The camera offers a wide pan angle of 170 degrees from center. And it has a maximum pan speed of 100 degrees per second. The unit will tilt upward a full 90 degrees and downward 30 degrees. Its tilt speed is a maximum of 90 degrees per second.

18 x Optical Zoom
The EVI-D70 offers a high quality 18 times zoom lens that, at its widest, offers 48 degrees of horizontal view, and at full zoom 2.7 degrees. The camera has a digital zoom feature that adds 12x power to the optical lens zoom.

Six Pre-Set Positions
The user may store up to 6 predetermined positions of the pan/tilt/zoom for instant recall. The presets also include picture parameters like white balance and exposure features.


$ 79.00/day

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