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StarLink Wireless

Starlink SL1450 UltraPRO 2.4 GHz Wireless Video Transmitter

- 8 Channel Selectable from 2350 MHz to 2550 MHz Wireless Transmitter
- 1000 Milliwatt Power Level
- SMA Antenna Connector
- NTSC/SD Video In, RCA Line Level Audio In
- Built-in OnBoard ThermaCool Power System
- VariPower System, Designed for Direct Connection to Anton/Bauer PTAP JACK
- Includes 3 dB SuperFLEX Fold-Up Dipole Antenna
- Ruggedized Machine Billet Aluminum Case
- Machined BNC Video Input Port
- SwitchCraft Locking DC Power Connector
- Built-In 1/4 20 Female Camera Thread Mount

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Starlink SL2900 PLUS 2.4 GHz Wireless Video LCD Receiver

- 8 Channel, High Gain Multi-Mode Wireless LCD Receiver
- Optimized for Long Range Signal Reception
- 5.0" High Quality Color LCD
- Adjustable Brightness and Volume Controls
- Power "ON" and "OFF" Switch
- Channel Frequency Selector with Multi-channel LED Status Indicators
- No-Spin Antenna Mount
- Includes Fold-Up Dipole Antenna, 12V Regulated Mini AC Adapter and Accessory Cable Set with Tilt-Swivel Base

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