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Katamount Enterprises Inc., was founded in 1999 as a distribution company, at which time it imported and distributed one product. Since then it has evolved into a manufacturer as well. Katamount is the Canadian agent for Audio Ltd radio microphones, VDB boom poles, Blueshape Broadcast and Professional camera batteries and chargers and LUPO Lights.

Katamount manufactures the well-known SCRIPTLINC time code logging system, KAT66 Lavalier microphones, SOFT BLIMP microphone windshields and the US1 Universal Shockmount. Our products are sold through a selected network of professional dealers and distributors around the globe.

Scriptlinc Time Code Clipboard

The Scriptlinc by Katamount is a high-tech clipboard with an integrated wireless receiver and time code reader, created with both script and production notes in mind.

Large LCD numbers and easily accessible buttons make this key task easy to perform accurately without disturbing the rest of the crew. The complete Scriptlinc system includes a compact light-weight transmitter that can be attached to the sound or video recorder to send the time code to the clipboard reader/receiver, as well as an input cable and soft carry case. You'll surely save time on set and in post production with the Scriptlinc time code system.

Features Include:
- Integrated wireless receiver and timecode reader
- Automatic frame rate selection
- 3.5mm (1/8") input connector for optional hardwired use
- 19mm (3/4") high LCD display for excellent visibility
- Low power consumption (4 AAA cells last 36 hours!)
- "Hold" buttons freeze the time code display

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$ 49.00/day

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