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Innovision Optics

Innovision HD Probe Lens System PRODUCTION PACKAGE

InnoVision's tubular lens, the HD Probe, offers superior optics and light transmission for High Definition Video (HD), while the system's unique periscope attachment lets operators shoot from an ultra-low perspective. The HD Probe has interchangeable Straight, 45 and 90 Periscope attachments. Completely waterproof, the HD Probe is ideal for commercials, music videos, product photography and feature films.
The HD Probe features high resolution glass elements and relay optics-for images with remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness, flat field, and extreme depth of field. State-of-the-art multiple coatings provide sharp, low dispersion images.
includes bore relay, B-4 mount, 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 17mm, and 23mm lenses, shim kit, 3 "O" rings, and 90 degree prism

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