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Nauticam NA-A7SIII Underwater Housing with Sony A7s III Camera

Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM Lens
Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens

The long awaited Sony a7S III brings high frame-rate 4K video with incredible low-light sensitivity to the A7 full frame mirrorless lineup. The video-centric follow up to the a7S II adds internal 10-bit 4:2:2 4K capture at up to 120fps while building on the a7S II's already segment leading low-light capabilities. Upgrades also extend to the 9.44M dot OLED viewfinder, 759-point phase detection autofocus and reduced rolling shutter.

The NA-A7SIII is designed to maximize the video-centric capabilities of the Sony a7S III camera while maintaining it's strong still image potential. The NA-A7SIII is built around the N100 port system that is shared with the rest of the Nauticam housing lineup for the Sony full-frame mirrorless a7 series. The N100 system includes a dull range of both macro and wide-angle ports as well as delivering access to the lineup of Nauticam's professional wet optics that are optimized for underwater imaging such as the WACP-1/2 and the SMC-1/2 lenses. These optics deliver unparalleled image quality underwater expanding what is possible with the powerful a7S III camera.

HDMI Output

The a7S III can output 16-bit raw video signal over HDMI and the NA-A7SIII features an M24 bulkhead that supports the HDMI 2.0 standard. This allows the NA-A7SIII to be used in conjunction with either a recording monitor such as the Atomos Ninja V in the NA-NinjaV housing via HDMI 2.0 or standalone monitors such as the SmallHD 502 Bright in the NA-502B housings via HDMI 1.4.

Mission Control

Nauticam engineer's Mission Control design philosophy means controls are intuitively placed where they are needed most regardless of their position on the camera. The NA-A7SIII features a double thumb lever within easy reach of the right handle that triggers the AF-ON and RECORD controls of the camera. A thumb lever on the left side toggles the PLAYBACK button. The back panel of the housing provides access to all other rear camera controls including a multidirectional pad.

Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System

The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is shipped with NA-A7SIII as standard equipment. With the addition of the optional M14 Vacuum Valve (25624) this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple color coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur. The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in outside temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.


$ 895.00/day

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Nauticam NA-A7II Underwater System with Sony A7II / A7RII / A7SII

These Nauticam Features are Standard:
•Adjustable Handles
Big hands? Small hands? Gloves / no gloves? Nauticam has you covered.
•Vacuum Leak Detect Electronics
Electronics include standard leak detection; add your choice of 14mm vacuum valve for extra layer of integrity monitoring.
•Nikonos bulkhead for electrical sync.
•Switch between LCD and electronic viewfinder
•One-inch ball adapter on each handle

Sony A7
Sony EMount 16-35mm f/4 Full Frame (Made by Zeiss)
(3) Batteries
(1) Charger
(1) Memory Card
(1) Card Reader


$ 695.00/day

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Nauticam NA-5DMKIII Housing with Canon 5D Mark III

EOS 5D Mark III Camera
Nauticam NA-5DMKIII Housing
Fisheye Dome Port
Canon 16-35mm 2.8 Lens
Nauticam Zoom Gear for Canon 16-35mm Lens
32gb CF Card
Three Batteries with Charger


$ 495.00/day

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Nauticam NA-7D Housing with Canon EOS 7D

Nauticam is happy to release the Nauticam NA-7D underwater housing for the Canon 7D Digital SLR.

Video enthusiasts will appreciate the special attention given to the video/still photo mode switch and video start/stop button and their convenient proximity to the right grip. Nauticam shooters can switch from still photo to video shooting, and start recording a video clip, without removing their right hand from the handle. No awkward camera shake inducing reaches are required!

An underwater photographer should not have to remove their hands from the housing handles. With the Nauticam Canon 7d Underwater Housing, every control placement decision made during the design of the housing was based on this principal. Long reaches are an awkward compromise, and this housing requires none!

The Nauticam NA-7d underwater housing allows Fingertip access to Shutter Release, Main Control Dial, Quick Control Dial, AF-ON, Still Photo/Video Mode, Video Start/Stop, Star, AF Point Selection, and Set are all offered from the soft rubber overmolded right grip. AF-On, Still Photo/Video Mode, and Video Start/Stop are operated by ergonomic thumb levers. Star, AF Point Selection, and Set are accessed by "piano key" controls built into the backplate of the housing, and easily reached from the right grip. Shutter release is operated via a sensitive, sculpted lever. The Main Control Dial and Quick Control Dial are accessed by enlarged knurled knobs that allow one finger operation.


$ 495.00/day

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Nauticam 45m SDI Surface Monitor Cable


$ 79.00/day

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Nauticam SmallHD 502 Underwater Monitor System

The SmallHD 502 is the sharpest and lightest 5-inch field monitor available, and the perfect complement to a Nauticam underwater video system. It combines a stunning 5", 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display with an amazing suite of software tools for image monitoring in a compact form factor.

The monitor feels immediately familiar, almost identical in size to your favorite smart phone. A rubberized joystick is used to effortlessly flip through video "pages". Each page accepts multiple imagine analysis tools, configured by the user for their individual needs. The NA-502 housing provides access to all monitor controls, and the complete menu system is available in the housing, and at depth.

The Nauticam NA-502 housing features the rugged build quality and advanced manufacturing expertise our user base has come to expect. The joystick navigation system used is translated to four directional arrows, a center select button, and the dedicated "back" button. The interface is simple, but elegant, and perfectly suited to the underwater environment.

The form factor of the 502 monitor is ideal for an underwater housing, with HDMI / HD-SDI cables nestled between two readily available Canon LP-E6 Batteries.

HDMI and HD-SDI 502 is supported by a single housing, providing an extremely broad range of camera support in a single underwater monitor system.

Advanced Software
Joystick navigation, combined with a very well thought out image analysis tool set, make these monitors extremely useful for judging focus and exposure. Examples of some of these tools (but not all) are:

Focus Assist
Highlights in focus edges, taking the guess work out of critical focus even when using large format SLR cameras with narrow depth of field.

False Color
Extremely useful for judging exposure, false color mode maps the IRE Exposure Scale to color bars, providing detailed feedback about image brightness. Purple and Yellow warnings indicate under and over exposed areas. A gradient from blue through green maps shadows to highlights.

Pixel Zoom
Zooming in on the video feed is available from every monitor page, all the time, simply by clicking the up arrow. The zoomed window can be moved around the screen via up/down/left/right, and exited easily with the back button.

Zebra Lines
Designed to warn of over exposure, zebra lines can be mapped to a custom IRE level, and even enhanced with color to make them more visible.

Right angle cable connector provides clean cable routing, and protects the cable from wear and tear at the housing connection.

Joystick navigation is translated to a 5 push button directional pad on the housing front, with enhanced spacing that is easy to use even when wearing gloves.

A Vacuum Valve, along with the Nauticam Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System is included as standard equipment.. A temperature compensated monitoring circuit with LED indicator provides constant feedback about vacuum status. The green led means the system is safe to dive!


$ 169.00/day

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